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G O D   I S   A   M A T C H M A K E R . . .




I never imagined I'd meet my husband at the peak of COVID-19 lockdowns, and be married 30 days later...


I had been single for years. In fact, there were so many heartbreaks and relationship disappointments in my life that I had all but given up. I had finally found my calling, was making music I loved and had a deep connection to God, but I still had a desire in my heart to be married. One day, it came to a critical turning point – and I just prayed and asked God to be my matchmaker. I decided to get off dating sites, put all my trust in God... and wait.


Only a few months later, I was at a conference with a group from my church when a woman I'd just met told me she 'got a picture of a man' for me. The next day, a second woman I met said, 'someone's popping into my head for you right now'... and it turned out to be the same man! I was floored!! One of them got in touch with him through her husband, and they suggested we meet (but they didn't tell him two women had visions of him for me, that would be weird)! 


I told all my friends about the visions, and was so curious to meet him. After what seemed like forever (but was in reality only a few months), he finally called. We talked for the first time for over 4 hours! Since we were under lockdown and nothing was open, we couldn't even go on a proper date... restaurants were shut down, there were no coffee shops to meet in, and even the beach was closed. So we went for a walk, and it turned into 9 hours of talking. I had a radical conversion to Christianity as an adult, and so did he. We were both on fire for God, we both loved Jesus, we both shared deep passion for His kingdom... and we both refused to settle when it came to love.


Within just a couple of weeks, we both knew we had met the love of our lives. I have never experienced anything like it. There was no fear, no worry about the future, no questions or hesitation... just total peace. It was a peace beyond anything I had ever felt... along with a clear knowing that God had chosen my husband for me. I was so floored by the way He answered my prayer! Though I knew in my head God loved me, I experienced it then in a completely new way. I knew that God cared enough to hand-pick the most amazing man I'd ever met... and bring him to me in a such a miraculous way that only He could have done it.


When I realized I had met my husband, the chorus melody for 'Heaven Sent' popped into my head. It kept coming back over and over, but I wanted it to be a secret so I never sang it. We married 30 days after we met, but had to wait over a year to do our wedding celebration due to COVID. It was there at our ceremony in front of family and friends that I surprised my husband by singing the song I had written for him as my wedding vows. 

'Heaven Sent' is released on Valentine's Day, 2022. I hope this song inspires you and gives you hope! God's love is radical. He cares about the deepest desires of our hearts, and when we trust Him completely, He will deliver beyond anything we could ask for or imagine.


With love,


+ + +

"Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart." - Proverbs 37:4



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