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"The mesmerizing score by Kira Fontana, interspersed with well-chosen Turkish pop, is a real asset."

Glenn Kenny

"Kira Fontana’s musical score is just right.”

Pete Hammond

"Hypnotic score by Los Angeles-based Kira Fontana"

James Verniere

"Kira Fontana's debut film score for the spellbinding documentary Kedi is a resounding success."

"The beautifully spare musical score by Kira Fontana provides the perfect accompaniment for what gradually emerges as a profoundly affecting meditation."

Joe Leydon

"...ingenious, cat’s-eye view tracking and magnificent aerial shots of the city, all set to a terrific score by Kira Fontana."

Tara Brady

"A sweet soundtrack for Istanbul's constant companions..."

"A celestial original score... Fontana's minimalist compositions cast a delicate spirituality over the film."

Daniel Walber

"The subtly emotive score by Kira Fontana is a major asset." 

Amy Taubin

"Kira Fontana's musical scoring is so in sync with the visuals it's like a gin & tonic for the soul."

Pam Nadon

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Film Composer Kira Fontana KEDI
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